JC-L1Stainless steel screw filling machine head

The machine is specializad machine is specialized indasigning and manufacturing for powder,ultra-finepowder packing. it can automatically finish the sequence of weighing-filling material equipped wih bag-making machine form a set,used for weigh and filling the powder material widely used for the fluidic or low fluidity materials packing. such as milk powder, white sugar, coffee powder,aginomoto solid beverage , dextrosepharmaceuticals, and agriculture pesticide, granularadditive, dyestuff, and so on.

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Manufacture Factory One: No.11 Yechang Road, Yexie Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China.
Manufacture Factory Two: Intersection of Longchi road and Hongqi Road, centralized demonstration park,Jin'an District, Lu'an City, China.

Product details

Main Features

1. The quick disconnect hopper, no need tool to open and clean.

2. Servo motor and servo drive to control the filling auger.

3. All products are made of 304 and are designed for easy changeover and cleaning.

4. Unique mechanical drive type,good stability,strong ovenload.

5. By changing the auger tooling can meet different weight range.
6. This auger filler without PLC, Powder Cabinet and Touch Screen.

Main Technical Data

Packing Weighing0.2-100g1-500g10-1000g10-3000g
Packing Accuracy≦±2%

≦100g (≦±0.5-1g)

>100g (≤±0.3-1%)

≦100g (≤±0.5-1g)

>100g (≦±0.5-1g)

Total Power0.5kw1.1kw1.3kw2kw
Hopper Volume15L26L50L65L