Powder Measuring and Packaging Scale

The combination of vertical spiral feeding and reverse stirring makes the feeding more stable,and the cone bottom cutting valve ensures the
controllability of the material during the feeding process.Equipped with openable silo and quick release spiral assembly, the contact with the material is simple, fast and free of dead spots.Lifting bottom charge metering reduces the discharge height to reduce dust and ensure accuracy.

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Product details

Descriptive abstract

The bottom flling type packing scale is a semi-automatic bottom flling type packing scale, which can complete the work of material degassing,
lifting and flling metering, packing and conveying. It is an industry-developed design for ultra-fine powder and high-precision packaging requirements that are easy to dust. It is especially suitable for packaging pharmaceutical raw materials, additives, cobalt sulphate, carbon
powder, fire extinguisher powder, protein powder, battery materials, and agriculture. High-precision packaging of ultrafine powders such as raw

Main features

1.Hopper: the volume is 100L, made of SUS304 material, whichis used asa small transition material box for auger feeding. The inner surface is polished with mirror surface, and the outer surface is polished with matte treatment.
3.Filling Device: the single auger is used for vertical feeding, and the frequency conversion technology is used to realize the multi-stage speed control of the motor, so as to realize the fast, medium and slow three speed feeding. Combined with the modification of preset point parameters, the best proportion of fast, medium and slow feeding can be ensured, so as to ensure the system to improve the packaging speed on the premise of ensuring the accuracy.
3.Weighing Device: adoptd the weighing sensor with high comprehensive accuracy, good long-term stability and impact resistance, and the special force transmission connecting mechanism is used to fix the bag clamping device and weighing bracket.
4.Lift Degassing Device: the lifting mechanism is lifted and lowered with weighing device and bag nipping device to realize the bottom flling function, which greatly reduces the blanking drop, minimizes the dust phenomenon, and the built-in degassing device increases the bulk density of materials, increases the bag filling rate, and saves the cost.
5.Material Recycling Device: it is used to collect the dust spilled in the process
of material packaging and recycle it to the hopper.
6.Weighing Control Cabinet: Specifically including Canada Geman weighing instrument, 24 V switching power supply, Schneider relay card, which controls the action of the packaging machine, is the center of the whole packaging machine.

Main technical data

Filling weight10-30kg
Filling Accuracy±0.2%
Filling Speed40-60bags/hour
Power Supply3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
Total Weight510kg
Overall Dimensions1300x700x2360
Hopper Volume100L