JC-2B3 High quality double - head automatic filling machine screw conveying weighing

JC-2B3N Double heads Rotary powder filling machine
Suitable for filling powder and granular materials, such as monosodium glutamate, solid drink grape milkpowderin China rice noodles,etc

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Product details

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Descriptive abstract

The equipment is my company according to market development needs, combined with the practice on the basis of thedevelopment and design, in line with national GMP standard the machine fusion concept of European packaging scienceand technology, the latest technology, design more reasonable and more concise and more solid automatically feed tankfilling, etc, suitable for filling powder and granular materials, such as monosodium glutamate, solid drink grape milkpowderin China rice noodles,etc

Main features

1.Filling machine adopts turntable type, three sets of weighing detectiondevices that can feedback online to keep product' s qualification 100%.Using cans or bottles like container packaging. Automatic cans feedingsystem can realize no bottle, no filling without bottle shortage,and eachcan must be inspected, and not let a bottle of unqualified products befilled. Unique secondary filling and cans circulation system ensures thequalified rate of products.

2.It is integral structure design that is easy and convenient to be cleaned.The power of turntable and weighing components are hidden inside themachine.

3.Weighing system adopts the latest upgrade of JOS0. Weighing module isresponsive, stable and reliable.

4.The peeling of each empty bottle ensures the net weight of each bottleand eliminates the false precision caused by the weight error of the bottleitself.

5.The columns of two metering silos can be lifted and loweredindependently by electric power, and the touch screen can be lifted andlowered by one key instead of the previous handle and rockeradjustment.

Main Technical Data

Measuring Method
Rotary twice weighing filling type
Hopper Volume
50L(Main) 25L (Assist)
Container Size
Φ60-130mm; H 100-200mm
Packing Weight
Packing Accuracy

≤500g Deviation≤±1.5g, 500-1000g Deviation≤2.5g, >1000g Deviation≤4g

Packing Speed
40-55 cans/min
Power Supply
3P  AC208-415V   50/60Hz
Total Power
Air Supply6-8Kg/cm2  0.2m3/min
Total Weight800kg